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This Years Speakers...

Bent Mikkelsen

Bent Mikkelsen is the publisher of Concrete Décor from which he brings the decorative concrete industry the Concrete Décor magazine,, and the Concrete Décor Reseller. Mikkelsen is also responsible for the Concrete Décor Show trade show and the Concrete Décor Roadshow mobile exhibition. As such, Mikkelsen has his finger on the pulse of the decorative concrete industry.

At the Decorative Concrete Fair, Bent Mikkelsen will give a keynote speech. He will give an overview of decorative concrete. This will serve to prime the event and give context to the other presentations and demonstrations throughout the Decorative Concrete Fair.



Ed McLean

Ed McLean is the Director of Fiber Products for Solomon Colors. As the 4th generation of a construction industry family, McLean comes from a long line of experts. He has extensive experience in the concrete industry as an engineer, producer, and consultant. He is frequently published as an author or contributing author in academic pieces. McLean has maintained a high level of activity in industry organizations such as the Fiber Reinforced Concrete Association, International Concrete Repair Institutes, and the American Concrete Pavement Association.

At the Decorative Concrete Fair, Ed McLean will speak on the topic of fiber reinforcement. Secondary fiber reinforcement is vital to preventing shrinkage cracking in decorative concrete. McLean will speak to this and discuss the unique qualities of Solomon UltraFiber 500.

Harlan Baldridge

Harlan Baldridge is Solomon Colors’ Area Sales Manager of the Pacific Northwest. He has been in the construction industry, in one capacity or another, since 1983. For much of that time, Baldridge has maintained a focus on decorative concrete. In his 13 years with Brickform – which was later purchased by Solomon Colors – Baldridge has worked tirelessly to grow the decorative concrete industry in the Pacific Northwest and Alaska through technical support, training, and consultation.

At the Decorative Concrete fair, Harland Baldridge will moderate a Business After Hours discussion on the subject of decorative concrete. Business After Hours is a round-table or open forum style discussion where industry practitioners can discuss the challenges they face on a daily basis, experiences, and best practices. They are a chance to learn from your contemporaries and colleagues.



Rich Solomon

Rich Solomon is the president of Solomon Colors, Inc. with its Brickform decorative division, Lythic polishing products, and UltraFiber secondary reinforcing. Solomon has spent nearly his entire adult life in the concrete pigment industry. As such, he can easily be seen as an expert in pigments for concrete, manufactured concrete products, and mortar.

At the Decorative Concrete Fair, Rich Solomon will present on the evolution of pigments for concrete. Concrete color is a deceptively complex and varied subject that requires great consideration. Solomon will discuss the history and development of the industry as well as best practices and the effect color can have on concrete projects. Contractors, construction material retailers, and concrete producers can all benefit from Solomon’s great understanding of concrete color.

Rocky Geans

Rocky R. Geans is a contracting guru with over 40 years of experience as a concrete contractor and general contractor. Since retiring as the owner of L.L. Geans Construction, Geans had dedicated his time to education and consulting. Geans has been a regular speaker, contributor, and member with the American Society of Concrete Contractors, the World of Concrete, and various local organizations. Through The Rocky Geans Construction Business School, Geans has worked closely with Concrete Network to teach concrete contractors to run their businesses.

At the Decorative Concrete Fair, Rocky R. Geans will present a keynote speech about business management. Even the best applicators will fail to reach their full professional potential if they neglect the management and marketing aspects of their business. Rocky Geans will be here to help you with the other half of your business.