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Consider this THE premier event for decorative concrete pros. Whether you’re a stamped concrete guru, an overlay enthusiast, or a complete novice to all things concrete, The Decorative Concrete Fair is your chance to expand your skills, build your knowledge, and grow your earning potential. Attend instructional demonstrations with the biggest names in the industry. Take part in lively discussions and round tables. Master your craft. 


August 17 – 19, 2017
Springfield, Illinois



(Registration at the event will be $100 for 3 day pass)


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This Years Trainers...

Bob Harris

Bob Harris

Bob Harris

Bob Harris has dedicated his career to teaching others all there is to know about decorative concrete. Through his Decorative Concrete Institute, Harris has produced numerous training and educational materials for the concrete professional. He has consulted for firms, contractors, and architects, from around the world. Some of the most respected manufacturers in the industry - including Brickform - have relied on his expertise to help develop top of the line products.

Bob Harris is a rockstar in the decorative concrete industry. He is well known for his guides to staining, stamping, and overlaying concrete. You may recognize him from his numerous appearances at events such as the World of Concrete, Con/Expo Con/Agg and Concrete Decor Show.

At the Decorative Concrete Fair, you will have the opportunity to learn all about acid staining from Bob Harris.  Harris will be demonstrating the proper use and application of Brickform Blush-Tone Acid Stain, along with his signature intricate saw cuts. Witness a veritable Van Gogh in concrete!

Rachel Knigge-Bruce

Rachel Knigge-Bruce was a graphic designer before she got into concrete, and it shows in her work. Since 2008, Knigge-Bruce has applied her design skills to concrete stenciling. FLOORmaps, Inc., which Knigge-Bruce runs with her sister Kathren Knigge, produces innovative, intricate, and high quality stencils and patterns for concrete and other surfaces. Knigge-Bruce also consults, trains, and installed stenciled artwork using stains and dyes.

Knigge-Bruce is widely recognized as the queen of stenciling. She has worked for many high profile clients including the Kansas City Chiefs, Marvel Comics, and the Gold & Silver Pawn Shop of Pawn Stars fame.  Knigge-Bruce is a regular trainer at trade shows, training seminars, the Concrete Décor Roadshow, for private consultations. FLOORmaps, Inc. and Knigge-Bruce also work closely with Concrete Cares to raise money in the fight against cancer.

At the Decorative Concrete FairRachel Knigge-Bruce will be demonstrating the use of stencils with Brickform stains and dyes. Stenciling like this can help you add new dimensions to a concrete floor or surface. Knigge-Bruce will also be representing FLOORmaps, Inc. at the Decorative Concrete Fair

Rachel Knigge-Bruce

Rachel Knigge-Bruce

Troy Lemon

Troy Lemon

Troy Lemon

Troy Lemon is a specialist in the field, with a focus on the artistic side of decorative concrete. Cornerstone Decorative Concrete, Lemon’s company, focuses on high-end residential and retail work. Lemon and Cornerstone are best known for breathtaking carved and sculpted vertical services. In high demand, Lemon and his crew have traveled around the country, placing specialty decorative concrete for over 15 years.

Lemon and his work have been featured in multiple industry publications, including Concrete Décor and Concrete Construction magazines. He has also participated in concrete artistry demonstrations at the World of Concrete and Concrete Décor Show. Lemon gives back through his dual passion for training and philanthropy. Throughout the years, he has developed his own talents by attending as many events as he could. He has also paid it forward by conducting many demonstrations and training courses on his own.

At the Decorative Concrete Fair, Troy Lemon will demonstrate one of his specialties – vertical concrete theming. He will use Brickform Vertical Mix to create artistic representations of vertical textures and sculpted surfaces. Always a crown please, learn to create ultra-premium installations that will amaze and drive customers wild.

Cory and Justin Huber

Cory Huber, and his brother Justin, own and operate Huber Custom Coatings. For over 15 years, the brothers have served their area with concrete overlays, stains, epoxy coatings, and more. Cory and Justin have also assisted with Brickform training events and demonstrations throughout the years.

Huber Custom Coatings’ work can be found throughout the Quincy, Illinois area in a variety of residential, commercial, and educational applications. They have been featured in local publications as well as the Concrete Décor Reseller. Cory and Justin have also been featured in a few Brickform product application videos.

At the Decorative Concrete Fair, Cory Huber and Justin Huber will demonstrate sprayable overlays using Brickform SM Professional Grade. They will educate on proper application and texturing techniques for these materials. Sprayable overlays are useful for concrete restoration and decorative overlays in a variety of settings such as pool decks, patios, and vertical surfaces.

Huber Custom Coatings

John Reynolds - Solomon Colors

John Reynolds - Solomon Colors

John Reynolds

John Reynolds is the Director of Training and Product Development Manager for Solomon Colors. He is also in charge of contractor outreach, demonstrations, and coordinating the Decorative Concrete Fair. Prior to that, Reynolds spent a decade owning and operating his own concrete contracting company focusing on overlays, stains, and landscape edging. You may recognize him from the Brickform Training Seminars and Brickform instructional videos. Reynolds is a concrete overlay, repair, and surface preparation guru.

Despite being placed well over a decade ago, many of Reynolds’ overlay and stain projects can still be found in and around central Illinois. Over the years, he has presented and spoke at industry events, typically on the subject of surface preparation. Reynolds has also been interviewed for multiple Concrete Décor articles.

At the Decorative Concrete Fair, John Reynolds will demonstrate the use of Brickform Stampable Overlay and Brickform Cem-Coat coloring agent. Both of these products are excellent tools for concrete restoration, fast track construction, and improving existing concrete. Reynolds will also be busy working behind the scenes, coordinating the event.

Keefe Duhon

Keefe Duhon believes concrete should be art. Duhon founded his company, Concrete Revolution, LLC., in 2008 to meet the decorative concrete needs of Louisiana. The former oilfield machinist and son of an artist got started placing overlays on the side. He soon made a name for himself creating highly realistic wood plank patterns in wood. Duhon has also devoted much of his time and talent to training other concrete artisans, working closely with the Concrete Décor Roadshow.

A consummate artist, Duhon has often been recognized for his artistry. In 2015, he won 1st place in the Brawl in the Fall competition at Concrete Décor Show in Indianapolis. Duhon also teamed up with Troy Lemon to win an artistry award at World of Concrete 2015. Duhon has been featured multiple times in Concrete Décor, as well as Inspired to Restore, Acadiana Builder and more.

At the Decorative Concrete Fair, Keefe Duhon will demonstrate the artistic use of Brickform Micro-Topping. Microtop overlays are useful in applications ranging from simple concrete restoration to intricate stenciling and textures. Duhon will show you how to best incorporate these techniques into your portfolio.

Concrete Revolution

Lance Boyer of Trademark Concrete Systems being recognized by ACI.

Lance Boyer of Trademark Concrete Systems being recognized by ACI.

Lance Boyer

Lance Boyer & Trademark Concrete Systems

Trademark Concrete Systems has served the Southern California market with fine decorative concrete for 20 years. Trademark’s management and field crew have decades of experience with decorative concrete of all kinds. Their skills and professionalism have allowed them to thrive in one of the most competitive markets in the industry.

Trademark and Lance Boyer (Trademark Concrete President) have received numerous awards over the past years for their work. These awards include 2016 ACI Education Award for placing and finishing decorative concrete flatwork, multiple ASCC Decorative Concrete Council Project Awards, 2013 ASCC Outstanding Safety Achievement, and more. They have also been featured in Concrete Construction, the Los Angeles Times, and Concrete Décor.

At the Decorative Concrete Fair, Lance Boyer and Trademark Concrete Systems will be demonstrating exposed concrete surfaces. Using Brickform Surface Deactivator, they will show you the right way to create beautiful and functional exposed aggregate surfaces. Learn a decorative concrete staple from one of its most prolific applicators.

Paul Schneider

Paul Schneider, owner of Patterned Concrete of Cincinnati, is a seasoned veteran in the world of decorative concrete. He started as a laborer with a local concrete construction firm in the late 1970’s.  By the early 1990’s, Schneider was running his own decorative concrete contracting firm. In addition to his own business, Schneider has been heavily involved in industry groups and training because he believes helping others whenever he can.

Schneider has served as the American Society of Concrete Contractors, Decorative Concrete Council director. Other ASCC programs he has been involved in include the Membership Information Exchange, various training courses, community service projects, and the general ASCC. In order to build demand for decorative concrete, Schneider has taken part in his local Home Builders Association and Allied Construction Industries, and chamber of commerce branches. As a consummate trainer, Schneider has taught multiple hands on stamping courses at the World of Concrete.

At the Decorative Concrete Fair, Paul Schneider will demonstrate stamping techniques using Solomon Colors integral color and Brickform textures. Learn to stamp concrete from a seasoned pro that’s stamped millions of square feet.

Patterned Concrete
Paul Schneider

Paul Schneider

Atlantic Coast Concrete

Tom Dombalis

Tom Dombalis is president and founder of Atlantic Coast Concrete, as well as a former professional football player. He started his career in concrete in the late 90’s. Within a couple years, he had developed and started specializing in decorative concrete, starting Atlantic Coast Concrete.  Dombalis and his crew are experts at stamping concrete, as well as decorative overlays and epoxies. Over the past 15 years, Atlantic Coast Concrete’s profile has grown to include theme parks, aerospace facilities, universities, historic restoration projects, and small scale home and commercial properties.

Dombalis has taken part in Concrete Construction magazine’s Artistry in Concrete, creating an intricate logo for Krispy Kreme. He has also been featured in Concrete Contractor, as various local publications. Tom Dombalis and Atlantic Coast Concrete have taken part in some of the highest profile projects in the Carolinas.

At the Decorative Concrete Fair, Tom Dombalis will be demonstrating stamped concrete, using Brickform Color Hardener, Brickform Textures, and other Brickform products. Dombalis is a major proponent of stamped concrete and Brickform products, so expert to learn a lot from him!

PolishedCrete - Bay Area Concretes

Bay Area Concretes, Inc. is the premier decorative and polished concrete contracting firm in the San Francisco Bay Area. Under their PolishedCrete division, they have polished concrete for some of the largest companies and largest projects in the area. Bay Area Concretes has been serving their customers for 50 years, establishing PolishedCrete in 1999. BAC is a member of the Decorative Surface Solutions Group.


PolishedCrete has polished floors for companies such Microsoft, Google, Apple, and Simon Malls. They are responsible for polished concrete surfaces around Northern California, including Levi Stadium, Stanford Mall, and many more. PolishedCrete is winner of the 2015 Concrete Surfaces Polished Concrete Award. They have been featured in Concrete Contractor magazine. 


At the Decorative Concrete Fair, PolishedCrete will have a crew demonstrating polished concrete using Lythic products. As one of the most successful and well respected polished concrete contractors in the industry, Bay Area Concretes has a great deal to teach.


Mike Archambault

Mike Archambault

Mike Archambault

Mike Archambault is one of the godfathers of decorative concrete. In the early 1970s, Archambault founded Patterned Concrete of Houston, which he franchised nationally under Patterned Concrete Industries.  In the mid 1990s, Archambault divested from Patterned Concrete and began assisting contractors in the United Kingdom and France. This led him to work on decorative concrete at Euro Disney in Paris. He ultimately ended joining a French distributor and manufacturer of decorative concrete products and co-founding a decorative concrete academy. 

Archambault has spent much of his career, directly and indirectly, as a trainer. He has trained decorative concrete applicators all over the world, consulted for manufacturers, and worked on internationally recognized projects. The friendly and down to earth Texan focuses on the fundamentals when teaching his students. Look at the history of any decorative concrete great, and there is a good chance they’ve crossed paths with Archambault at one point or another. Mike Archambault was induced into the Decorative Concrete Hall of Fame in 2012.

At the Decorative Concrete Fair, you will learn to stamp concrete from Mike Archambault. Benefit from decades of experience installing stamped concrete around the world and instructing a crews from of all skill levels. Learn from a living legend.


This Years Speakers...

Bent Mikkelsen

Bent Mikkelsen is the publisher of Concrete Décor from which he brings the decorative concrete industry the Concrete Décor magazine,, and the Concrete Décor Reseller. Mikkelsen is also responsible for the Concrete Décor Show trade show and the Concrete Décor Roadshow mobile exhibition. As such, Mikkelsen has his finger on the pulse of the decorative concrete industry.

At the Decorative Concrete Fair, Bent Mikkelsen will give a keynote speech. He will give an overview of decorative concrete. This will serve to prime the event and give context to the other presentations and demonstrations throughout the Decorative Concrete Fair.



Ed McLean

Ed McLean is the Director of Fiber Products for Solomon Colors. As the 4th generation of a construction industry family, McLean comes from a long line of experts. He has extensive experience in the concrete industry as an engineer, producer, and consultant. He is frequently published as an author or contributing author in academic pieces. McLean has maintained a high level of activity in industry organizations such as the Fiber Reinforced Concrete Association, International Concrete Repair Institutes, and the American Concrete Pavement Association.

At the Decorative Concrete Fair, Ed McLean will speak on the topic of fiber reinforcement. Secondary fiber reinforcement is vital to preventing shrinkage cracking in decorative concrete. McLean will speak to this and discuss the unique qualities of Solomon UltraFiber 500.

Harlan Baldridge

Harlan Baldridge is Solomon Colors’ Area Sales Manager of the Pacific Northwest. He has been in the construction industry, in one capacity or another, since 1983. For much of that time, Baldridge has maintained a focus on decorative concrete. In his 13 years with Brickform – which was later purchased by Solomon Colors – Baldridge has worked tirelessly to grow the decorative concrete industry in the Pacific Northwest and Alaska through technical support, training, and consultation.

At the Decorative Concrete fair, Harland Baldridge will moderate a Business After Hours discussion on the subject of decorative concrete. Business After Hours is a round-table or open forum style discussion where industry practitioners can discuss the challenges they face on a daily basis, experiences, and best practices. They are a chance to learn from your contemporaries and colleagues.


Rocky Geans

Rocky R. Geans is a contracting guru with over 40 years of experience as a concrete contractor and general contractor. Since retiring as the owner of L.L. Geans Construction, Geans had dedicated his time to education and consulting. Geans has been a regular speaker, contributor, and member with the American Society of Concrete Contractors, the World of Concrete, and various local organizations. Through The Rocky Geans Construction Business School, Geans has worked closely with Concrete Network to teach concrete contractors to run their businesses.

At the Decorative Concrete Fair, Rocky R. Geans will present a keynote speech about business management. Even the best applicators will fail to reach their full professional potential if they neglect the management and marketing aspects of their business. Rocky Geans will be here to help you with the other half of your business.



Organizations Attending This Year...

Concrete Decor Roadshow
Concrete Decor Truck

The Concrete Décor Roadshow is a traveling menagerie of decorative concrete. The Roadshow is backed by manufacturers such as Brickform, Rattle Stick, FLOORmap, Spider Lath, and Kraft Tool as well as trusted experts like Bob Harris, Keefe Duhon, and Rachel Knigge-Bruce. The traveling decorative concrete demo uses a custom truck and trailer to bring new skills and techniques to you at your local supply store, ready mix producer, or trade event.

The Decorative Concrete Fair is the biggest stop on the Roadshow’s 2017 circuit. Concrete Décor magazine is a media partner for the Decorative Concrete Fair.  

Concrete Cares

Concrete Cares brings a focus to fighting cancer in the name of decorative concrete. Mike Murray and the other dedicated concrete professionals donate their time, talent, and materials to projects that raise money and awareness for cancer research. Concrete Cares is present at many industry events throughout the year – including World of Concrete, the Concrete Décor Show, and the Decorative Concrete Fair. They are supported by a number of manufacterers including Rattle Stick, FLOORmap, and Solomon Colors. Concrete Cares is easily recognizable through their pink concrete slabs. Visit to join in.

Concrete Cares will be exhibiting at the Decorative Concrete Fair. They will have a raffle to raise money for the cause. Take part and help fight cancer!

Concrete Cares
Mike Murray from Concrete Cares

Mike Murray from Concrete Cares

concrete Contractor

Concrete Contractor Magazine

Concrete Contractor Magazine has been serving the concrete professional with quality articles, news updates, and information since 2001. Concrete Contractor is one of the premier national publications for new products, industry news, trends, and other information. This magazine is a must-read if you want to thrive in the industry.

Concrete Contractor is a media partner for the Decorative Concrete Fair and will exhibiting at the event. 

Concrete Network

Concrete Network is the go-to online destination for all things decorative concrete. Concrete Network provides resources to the decorative concrete contractor and homeowners interested in purchasing decorative concrete. Featuring articles, technical information, and training listings, Concrete Network is a wealth of knowledge and resources. Concrete Network will also assist in building and listing websites for concrete contractors. Visit

Concrete Network will be exhibiting at the Decorative Concrete Fair.

Concrete Network

Decorative Surface Solutions Group

Decorative Surface Solutions Group

The Decorative Surface Solutions Group is an organization of flooring contractors and suppliers working together to increase the sales of decorative concrete, terrazzo, polished concrete, epoxy floors, and more. Through collective purchasing and national agreements, market education and training, and peer-to-peer cooperation, the Decorative Surface Solutions Group seeks to help its members and the industry grow. Decorative Surface Solutions Group members attending the Decorative Concrete Fair include Brickform, Blastrac and Trademark Concrete Systems. Visit

The Decorative Surface Solutions Group will be exhibiting at the Decorative Concrete Fair.


Vendors Attending This Year...


Blastrac has been supplying contractors with surface preparation equipment since the early 1970s. They develop and manufacture an assortment of machinery for concrete, brick, and asphalt. Blastrac shot blasters, scarifiers, scrapers, grinders, and dust collectors are backed up by over 30 years of expertise. Visit

At the Decorative Concrete Fair, Blastrac will be exhibiting their equipment. Blastrac will also be assisting with surface preparation for some of the demonstrations.


Collomix Mixing Technology


Collomix Mixing Technology has been manufacturing and selling stirring and mixing tools for 40 years. Collomix products are proudly made in Germany to exacting tolerances. Many concrete professionals use their paddle mixers, mobile mixers, and mixer drills to mix concrete and overlays. Visit

At the Decorative Concrete Fair, Collomix will be exhibiting their products.


FLOORmaps, Inc. was founded in 2009by graphic designer and staining guru Rachel Knigge-Bruce. Knigge-Bruce manages FLOORmaps with the help of her sister, graphic designer Kathren Knigge. FLOORmaps specializes in unique and precise decorative vinyl stencils. These stencils are often used to impart logos, brick patters, stone patterns, complex geometric shapes, and 3-D designs onto concrete and other surfaces. Visit

At the Decorative Concrete Fair, FLOORmaps, Inc. will demonstrate and exhibit their materials. Founder Rachel Knigge-Bruce will be conducting stenciling and staining demonstrations using FLOORmaps stencils.


Kraft Tool

Kraft Tool

Kraft Tool Co. was established in 1981 to provide high quality tools for concrete finishers, masons, pavers, plasterers, drywall installers, and other craftsmen. Kraft Tool also owns W. Rose bricklayers’ tools, Sands levels, Superior Tiles Cutter, and Hi-Craft value priced tools. Kraft Tool is based out of Shawnee, KS. Their products can be found in dealers around the country. Visit

At the Decorative Concrete Fair, Kraft Tool Co. will exhibit their tools. Some of the trainers will also be using various Kraft Tool products during their presentations.

Rattle Stick

Rattle Stick is a tool for concrete contractors made by a concrete contractor. Rattle Stick produces state of the art float, screed, and tool vibrators, kits, and accessories for the concrete professional. With over 20 years as a concrete contractor, inventor and company owner Frank Mikowychok knows what concrete finishers need for easier finishing. Visit

At the Decorative Concrete Fair, Rattle Stick will be exhibiting their vibrators. The Rattle Stick will also be on display during some of the educational demonstrations.


Join us at The Decorative Concrete Fair in Springfield, Illinois! Centrally located, Springfield is no more than a day’s travel from anywhere in the continental US! In the dog days of summer, take a break and visit us!  

Why You Should Attend

    The most successful pros never stop learning. The Decorative Concrete Fair is your prime chance to pack as much learning and development into three short days! Demonstrations and discussions will cover a broad spectrum of decorative concrete, concrete practices, products, and equipment.

    This is more than just a product demo or training. Multiple manufacturers will be demonstrating products and equipment. Decorative concrete experts will be demonstrating cutting edge techniques and applications. Attendees will have ample opportunity to ask questions, discuss, and learn.


Abraham Lincoln Capital Airport (SPI)
Springfield, IL
13 minutes (6 miles)
Chicago O’Hare (ORD), United Airlines
Dallas/Fort Worth (DFW), American Airlines 

Central Illinois Regional Airport (BMI)
Bloomington, IL
1 hour (67 miles)
Chicago O’Hare (ORD), American Airlines
Dallas/Fort Worth (DFW), American Airlines
Atlanta/Hartsfield (ATL), Delta
Minneapolis/St. Paul (MSP), Delta 

St. Louis Lambert International Airport (STL)
St. Louis, MO
1 hour, 40 minutes (110 miles)
Flights nationawide/worldwide 


Ramada Springfield North
3281 Northfield Dr, Springfield, IL 62702
6 minutes (2 miles)

Northfield Inn & Suites
3280 Northfield Dr, Springfield, IL 62702
6 minutes (2 miles)

Other Things to Do:

The Decorative Concrete Fair isn’t the only thing to do in town. Whether you’re bringing the family or just want some downtime in between demonstrations, Springfield has plenty to do. The Illinois State Fair runs from August 10 to August 20, with concerts, rides, and all the typical fair activities. Springfield also has a thriving outdoors recreation scene with hiking, fishing, and nationally recognized golf courses. History buffs will also enjoy the Abraham Lincoln attractions (the Lincoln Presidential Library and Museum, Lincoln’s Home, New Salem, etc.), the State Museum, Frank Lloyd Wright’s Dana-Thomas House, andmore.

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