On a mild, if chilly, late October day, a couple dozen men and women stood patiently outside. The sound of diesel engines clattered in the background as a truck from the local ready mix producer backed up to the tent. Justin Huber dumped loads of concrete while eager volunteers rushed to rake and screed. In a few short minutes, this slab would be poured, finished, and ready for Color Hardener and stenciling. Under the watchful eye of Todd Rose, the students busily broadcast Color Hardener - many for the first time - learning techniques that would help them greatly expand their businesses.  

The attendees represented a diverse lot. Some had years of experience in decorative concrete, while others hadn't even touched a trowel until that day. Architects, distributors, and owners were all in attendance, eager to get hands on instruction. Solomon Colors sales managers, technical staff, customer service, and guest instructors were all present to make sure everything went smoothly.  

This was one of three multi-day training seminars that took place over the course of a couple weeks. Come next spring, it will all happen again.  

Solomon Colors' training seminar are nothing new. However, over the past year or so, they have evolved. Emphasis has been added on hands-on training, giving attendees an opportunity to touch and feel product as they place concrete, broadcast hardener, and stamp. They have the opportunity to pick up the sprayer or gauge-rake and lay down their own overlay or stain their own samples for later display. Also, recognizing product application is only a small portion of being a successful contractor, further emphasis is placed on marketing, bidding, and selling techniques. What was previously presented in sporadic nuggets of wisdom is now organized into cohesive and productive discussions, drawing from the experiences of the trainers and the attendees alike.