If you want to be successful when stamping concrete, it is important to be familiar with the layout and fit of the texturing tools. Improperly fitted tools lead to squeeze ups, sloppy grout lines, and generally poor texture. Even if you fit the tools properly, unfamiliarity with the textures will make the process slower, reduce the quality of the finished product, and make the process more difficult.


Every style of stamping tool has a different layout. An ashlar pattern and a herringbone pattern will not fit together in the same way, for example. This is why it is important for all stampers to familiarize with the tools prior to use. It’s not a complicated process: Check any available manufacturer resources, then practice laying the stamps down in the indicated method.

To aid help the contractors using Brickform textures, we’ve created Stamp Placement Videos. Each video demonstrates the placement and installation of a style of stamp texture. In addition to the placement of the stamps, each video features a detailed placement map and helpful hints for quality stamped concrete. Watch for these videos on our websites and YouTube channel.