Cobble and brick pattern stamps are common finishes for a variety of applications – including streetscapes, walk paths, and patios. They provide a vintage appearance that works well in old areas and new construction alike. Failure to master placement of these textures, however, can lead to a cheesy, cartoonish look. Watch this video to see how to best stamp using cobble and brick stamp patterns.

  • It’s always a good idea to lay out your tools and get organized ahead of time.

  • Place and finish the slab as you normally would.

  • After you’ve finished the slab and are waiting for it to firm up, start prepping your tools.

  • Use Brickform Antique Release and Liquid Release to protect your tools and the concrete while stamping.

  • Apply Antique Release to the bottom of the stamps prior to stamping. Apply it to the concrete at a rate of 800 to 1000 square feet per bucket. Too much release will result in a false imprint while too little will cause the texture tools to stick to the concrete.

  • When stamping, make sure your first tool is lined up perfectly square.

  • For easier stamping, consider cutting a tool in half to use at the edge of the slab.