Fan textures are usually composed of brick for cobble textures arranged in a semi-circle patterns. There can have a rounded concave or pointed convex. With the concave bottom, the top of next texture will center nicely behind the next. Convex textures will sit offset of the previous row.  Fan patterns create beautiful impressions reminiscent of European streets.

  • It’s always a good idea to lay out your tools and get organized ahead of time.

  • Place and finish the slab as you normally would.

  • After you’ve finished the slab and are waiting for it to firm up, start prepping your tools.

  • Use Brickform Antique Release and Liquid Release to protect your tools and the concrete while stamping.

  • Apply Antique Release to the bottom of the stamps prior to stamping. Apply it to the concrete at a rate of 800 to 1000 square feet per bucket. Too much release will result in a false imprint while too little will cause the texture tools to stick to the concrete.

  • Start by using corresponding texture skins around the edge of the slab and in hard to reach areas.

  • Use Brickform Touch-Up Wheels to help create crisp, clean grout lines.