Solomon Colors has announced the full list of trainers, speakers, exhibiting organizations, and vendors for the 2017 Decorative Concrete Fair. This list includes some of the biggest experts in decorative concrete, respected industry groups, media outlets, and world-leading product and equipment manufacturers. If you register online before the event, $50 will let you see:


  • Bob Harris: Acid Stains and Decorative Saw Cuts

  • Rachel Knigge-Bruce: Stains, Dyes, and Stencils

  • Troy Lemon: Decorative Concrete Theming

  • PolishedCrete: Polished Concrete

  • Keefe Duhon: Micro-Topping Overlays

  • Cory & Justin Huber: Spray Mix Overlays

  • John Reynolds: Stampable Overlays

  • Paul Schneider: Stamped Concrete with Integral Color

  • Tom Dombalis: Stamped Concrete with Color Hardener


  • Rocky R. Geans: Business Management for Contractors

  • Bent Mikkelsen: Decorative Concrete

  • Rich Solomon: Integral Colors

  • Ed McLean: Fiber Reinforcement

  • Harlan Baldridge: Decorative Concrete


  • Concrete Cares

  • Concrete Décor Roadshow

  • Concrete Contractor

  • Concrete Network

  • Decorative Surface Solutions Group


  • Solomon Colors/Brickform

  • Blastrac

  • Collomix

  • FLOORmaps

  • Kraft Tool

  • Rattle Stick