Every minute counts during concrete season. If you’re not pouring or on the job, you’re losing money. So why would you take time out to attend the Decorative Concrete Fair?

1. It’s only three days! If you can take a couple extra days off for holidays like the 4th of July, surely you can manage to make the Decorative Concrete Fair. Consider it a long weekend and a break from the hustle and bustle of the season.

2. Beat the heat. Pretty much everywhere, the middle of August is unbearably hot. Why would you want to spend it working in the sun? Heat makes it more difficult to place concrete, anyway. Take a few days during the worst part of the summer to do something else.

3. Long term benefits. A good training event continues to benefit you long after you come home. By spending three days at the Decorative Concrete Fair, you will learn skills and techniques that help you throughout the rest of your career.

4. Excellent time value. The Decorative Concrete Fair is three days out of your schedule. But it will help you make better use of your time in the future. You can learn new skills that earn you more money. Or, you can improve on your existing skills and work more efficiently. Over the long term, the few days you spend at the Decorative Concrete Fair will be more than made up for.

It’s always a challenge to challenge to convince yourself to step away from the jobsite for a couple days. But, if you begin thinking long term, it makes sense to do it for the right reasons. Spend just a few days, August 17 – 19, with us at the Decorative Concrete Fair and it will be worth your while. Get thousands of dollars and many weeks’ worth of training in just three days and for only $50 dollars. Best of all, you’ll get a $50 Brickform gift card out of the deal. Talk about a great value! Register here.