Hurricane Harvey devastated the gulf coast, specifically impacting Houston, Texas. Thousands of people have been impacted. Large swaths of Houston flooded, displacing thousands of people. Dozens of people in the area have perished as a result of the storm and flooding. The gulf coast region is desperately in need of aid.

Solomon Colors is taking part in a donation drive organized by fellow ASCC member ChemSystems of Houston, TX. We will be sending a pallet full of critical items to ChemSystems. They will collect items donated from ASCC members, store the donations, and distribute them to area churches, shelters, and communities. This drive is organized in conjunction with Bayou City Fellowship Church. For cash donations, follow this link: 

Solomon Colors has a long record of charity. Every year, Solomon Colors helps to raise money for groups such as the American Cancer Society, United Way, and Concrete Cares.