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Throughout the year, Solomon Colors helps facilitate dozens of educational demonstrations at customer locations. These demos are a valuable tool for the ready-mix producer, materials distributor, and the concrete contractor. They present the opportunity to develop relationships, build skills, and grow demand. On February 28th, 2018 Carew Concrete held one such demonstration, with the help of Solomon Colors, at their Appleton, WI plant.

The Carew Concrete demonstration was a single-day event that ran roughly six hours. It was a good opportunity for contractors to learn and for Carew to continue fostering their relationships during the off season. In all, two dozen contractors attended. Skillsets ranged from experts with decades of experience in decorative concrete to total novices who’d never poured concrete before.

A wide range of Solomon Colors products, including Brickform, UltraFiber 500, and DAY1, were demonstrated by technical experts for the contractors and Carew staff. Attendees observed basic and advanced decorative concrete techniques, and had the chance to learn and discuss supplementary skills such as estimating and sales.

Every demonstration is different and can be customized to the needs, facilities, and products offered by the materials distributor or ready-mix producer.  Solomon Colors sales managers and technical staff work closely with the demo host to determine the best lesson plan possible. Solomon Colors can also provide marketing and promotional support to reach attendance goals. Ask your Solomon Colors representative about hosting a demonstration.