Chris Sullivan is a prolific author, speaker, and educator on topics relating to decorative concrete. As a frequent presenter at the World of Concrete, the Concrete Décor Show, and other events throughout the year, Chris has helped educate thousands of concrete professionals.

Since 2005, Chris Sullivan has published four books and more than two hundred articles in magazines including Concrete Décor, Concrete Expressions, Design and Durability, and Concrete Products. He has written extensively on a wide variety of topics about architectural and decorative concrete. Some of Chris’ notable subjects include sealers, troubleshooting, and industry trends.   In 2015, Chris Sullivan was inducted into the Decorative Concrete Hall of Fame.

Chris is active member of various professional groups within the industry. He is a current member of the American Society of Concrete Contractors and board member of the Decorative Concrete Council. There, Chris helps develop industry standards, best practices, and promotion for decorative concrete.