Dylan Lauger has concrete in his veins. With over 35 years in the industry, Dylan has a background that will resonate with many contractors. He got his start pouring foundations and doing flatwork but, after five years of that, Dylan had a change of heart. He had grown tired of the repetitive, high volume work. It was time to interject more creativity into the equation.


By teaching himself to stain concrete and cast concrete countertops, Dylan Lauger successfully began the transition into decorative concrete. With the help of his two brothers, Lauger Concrete + Design became a premier source for artistic concrete in their part of Wisconsin.  By diversifying and expanding his portfolio, Dylan has kept a competitive edge and continued growing, even when the markets slowed.

Dylan Lauger has a unique take on decorative concrete. Notably, he prefers to call it creative concrete which is fitting as much of his work centers around nontraditional applications for concrete. He likes to say he specializes in “interior and exterior alternatives,” meaning he’ll accept nearly any challenge in concrete.  Over the years, Dylan’s made all manner of tables, counters, planters, lamps, fountains, and of course, stained patios.  

At the 2018 Decorative Concrete Fair, Dylan will lend his skills to demonstrating scored and stained concrete. Learn how to expertly decorate interior floors and outdoor patios using only sawcuts and color.