Edgy isn’t a word often associated with concrete… unless you are Brandon Gore of Gore Design Co. and Hard Goods. Despite his unique style, outlook, and aesthetic, Brandon’s story is not unlike many others in the industry. Through hard work, creativity, and some good opportunities, Brandon Gore has built a successful career as a designer, artist, and craftsman in concrete.

The son and grandson of civil engineers, construction runs in his veins. But, Brandon got started in the corporate world as a sales representative for a large hotel chain. Despite earning a solid living, he found himself unsatisfied so, in the time-tested American tradition, Brandon reinvented himself and found a new career. After attending the ASU Del Webb School of Construction and a Buddy Rhodes seminar, Brandon started casting concrete countertops in the Tempe, AZ area.


After a year of self-education, experimentation, trial and error, Brandon Gore landed his first paying job. Good timing and a quality product meant Brandon was well positioned to benefit from the Arizona housing boom. By taking every opportunity to express his creativity and differentiate his product, Brandon was able to create a niche and survive the economic downturn that sunk much of the industry.

Since then, Brandon’s two firms – Gore Design Co. and Hard Goods – have made a niche with unique concrete furniture, countertops, and décor pieces. Brandon and his works have been featured in numerous design, style, and real estate publications. He’s even been featured on the TEDx stage and as a judge on SpikeTV’s Framework.

At the Decorative Concrete Fair, Brandon Gore will lend his talents to teaching concrete countertop casting. Learn to successfully step into the interior décor market with cast-in-place countertops. This demonstration will cover the full process including concept, mix design, forming, casting, and finishing touches. Step into the world of premium concrete countertops with the guidance of the expert!