If you attended the 2017 Decorative Concrete Fair, you will likely remember Rachel Knigge Bruce’s stenciling demonstration. Rachel, with her stencil and design company FloorMaps, return for the 2018 Fair for a new demonstration.

Rachel Knigge Bruce was a graphic designer by training and trade before she founded FloorMaps, Inc. in 2009. Since then, Rachel and her sister Kathren have been responsible for the most breathtaking, intricate, and expertly designed stencils in the industry. FloorMaps is perhaps most well known for precision, multi-layered stencils used to create highly detailed designs of all sizes in 2D and 3D.

In the course of developing and promoting her stencils, Rachel Knigge Bruce has been involved in training events and demonstrations around the world. She has conducted courses and demos at the World of Concrete and Concrete Décor Show multiple times, in addition to the Concrete Décor Roadshow and other events as far away as China. With strong charitable motivations, Rachel and Kathren work closely with Concrete Cares and the Decorative Concrete Council’s charitable projects throughout the years.


At the 2018 Decorative Concrete Fair, Rachel Knigge Bruce will again demonstrate her stencils with Brickform stains and dyes. Unlike last year, however, her demonstration will focus on more practical and widely marketable applications of stenciled concrete. The patterns and techniques demonstrated will be more traditional styles, applied using FloorMap’s premium stencils.