Like many other successful decorative concrete contractors, Greg Hyde Hryniewicz started out far from decorative concrete. Greg started his professional life with a six year stint as an officer in the United States Navy. With a degree in systems engineering and an MBA, Greg spent several years as a management consultant for Fortune 100 companies.

In 2005, Greg decided he was fed up with the corporate world. He dropped what he was doing and founded Hyde Concrete with a focus on concrete coatings. Over the years, he expanded his team and developed his portfolio with a strong focus on decorative concrete. By focusing on learning, development and – most importantly – trial and error, Greg and his crew mastered a wide spectrum of decorative techniques in a relatively short period.

Greg’s background in the Navy, training as a systems engineer, and experience in the corporate world give him a unique perspective on matters. He has learned to effectively manage the full process, from materials characteristics to staffing concerns. At the Decorative Concrete Fair, Greg will share his knowledge on the wide variety of skills it takes to build, grow, and maintain a successful decorative concrete contracting company. Attend his seminar to learn about all of the non-technical things you need to know in order to thrive.