The curriculum at the Decorative Concrete Fair isn’t just a random assortment of demonstrations. Each course was carefully selected and planned to include a wide range of standard and specialty techniques for experts and novices alike. For this reason, the Decorative Concrete Fair is great for any skill level!

Many of the demos are focused around a centerpiece project: The luxury outdoor living space. Prior to the Decorative Concrete Fair, the Solomon Colors Technical Services team will complete this premium installation demonstrating basic, intermediate, and advanced decorative concrete techniques. Several of the featured demos at the Fair – including Brandon Gore’s cast countertops – will tie directly into the outdoor living space. This allows attendees to reference the finished product before and during the demonstration.

See how multiple decorative concrete elements can be incorporated into a project with the outdoor living space. Exposed aggregate finishes, stencils, stamped concrete, vertical carved surfaces, and concrete countertops will all come together to form a beautiful and functional space. Non-concrete elements, like a water feature and fire elements, will also be included for added creativity. The Outdoor Greatroom, Fox Blocks, and other vendors that contributed materials will also be on hand to answer questions.

At the Decorative Concrete Fair, you will not learn new skills in isolation. Practical application techniques will be paired with business management skills, promotional advice, and – most importantly – design and planning guidance. That is where the outdoor living space comes in. It will demonstrate how, as a decorative concrete contractor, you can gain a larger “footprint” on a given project by offering solutions beyond the flooring. This improves your chance of landing the job and increases your earning potential on every project.