Decorative Concrete is all about the visuals. We need high quality photos of good jobs by skilled contractors. By sharing your photos, you are helping us promote the decorative concrete industry and grow demand for these kinds of projects. If you submit between 3 and 10 quality photos (see qualifications below) of one of your projects, we will send you a $50 Brickform Gift Card!

Brickform - Solomon Colors - Giftcards


Here are a few tips on making the most of your photos:

  1. Clean the job site - Remove debris and rinse down the concrete. Simple enough! You'd be surprised at how much better the photo will look. If you can manage it, wait until after landscaping is completed before you take your final pictures.
  2. Take high quality photos - Most cellphones from the past few years have pretty good cameras. Check your camera settings to make sure you're quality is at the highest setting. If the photo starts looking pixelated or grainy as soon as you zoom in slightly, it's probably not high enough quality. (Minimum 2400px or 8 inches on the long end with a dpi of 300)
  3. Be descriptive - The more details you provide, the more useful the photos are. Include colors, specific products used, and any special techniques you may have used.
  4. Take care of yourself - All of the above suggestions are recommended for maintaining your own picture catalogs. It will make it easier to sell potential customers on your work.

Qualifications for Entry

1.       Submissions must meet the follow criteria regarding photos and images

         a.       Each submission must include photos from ONLY ONE project / job site

                   i.       If photos from multiple jobsites are included, they will be considered multiple submissions

                   ii.       If a submission is divided, each new submission will be independently subjected to the contest criteria

                   iii.      In the case of large jobsites or projects that may appear to be separate projects, please consider one of the following options

1.        Indicate that photos should be considered together

2.       Resubmit as separate projects

          b.       Each submission must contain a minimum of 3 photos from distinct angles or perspectives

          c.       Images should be of a reasonable resolution or quality free of excessive grain or pixelization

          d.       Photos should be as clear as possible, free of excessive shadow, glare, or obstruction

          e.       Photos should be reasonable clear of environmental obstructions such as buckets, hoses, and excess building materials

           f.        Photos do not need to be professionally taken

2.       Submissions must meet the following additional criteria

           a.       Must feature at least one Solomon Colors product from the following categories

                     i.         Integral Color

                     ii.        Mortar Color

                     iii.       Stamps or Textures

                     iv.       Color Hardener

                     v.        Stain or Dye

                     vi.       Topically Applied color (i.e. Cem-Coat, FreeStyle, etc.)

                     vii.       Overlay or Microtopping

                     viii.      Finishing Aid

                     ix.        Surface Deactivator

           b.       CANNOT Feature non-Solomon Colors/Brickform/Legacy stamps or textures

           c.       Submitters must have the rights to share or use photos

           d.       Photos must be available for use by Solomon Colors without credit

           e.       Submission must include detailed description including

                      i.      Submitter’s company name and location/service area

                      ii.      Submitter’s phone number and/or email

                      iii.      Approximate location of job site (i.e. city and state or metro area)

                      iv.      The Solomon Colors product(s) used

                               1.       Use official product name when possible (i.e. “Blush Tone Acid Stain”, not “stain” or “acid stain”)

                               2.       Exact color or product variant is desired but not necessary

                     v.      A brief description of any uncommon, non-standard, or otherwise unique techniques, mix designs, applications,   methods, etc.

                     vi.      All of these details may be shared publicly at any point for any reason

3.       Submitters must be willing to cooperate in further photo collection efforts regarding this specific entry

          a.       Solomon Colors may send a professional photographer to this location

          b.       Solomon Colors will share any professionally taken photos with the concrete contractor, general contractor, and/or property owner upon request

          c.       Solomon Colors may ask that one or all of the above-mentioned parties (7 b) be present during the professional photo shoot

          d.       The submitter will provide contact information of the property owner so Solomon Colors can obtain permission for a photo shoot

          e.       Requests for photo shoots are not limited to winning entries

          f.        Winning entries are not guaranteed a professional photo shoot

4.       Submitters should meet the following criteria:

          a.       Professional concrete contractor, concrete finisher, or applicator of concrete products

                    i.      Licensed, bonded, or otherwise qualified per local rules and regulations

                    ii.      Derives a significant portion of personal income from the concrete placement, decorating, repair, or restoration trade

           b.       At least 18 years of age

           c.       Responsible for work featured in submission

           d.       Has rights to photos used in submission

           e.       Has rights to share or submit photos with Solomon Colors for use by Solomon Colors

            f.       Willing to share use rights (uncredited) with Solomon Colors

           g.       Can claim primary responsibility for work featured

           h.       Is owner or manager of concrete contracting company responsible for work (we don’t want crew members entering to win)

            i.       Is submitting on behalf of another that meets the above qualifications while maintaining the following:

                     i.      At least 18 years of age

                     ii.      Acting with informed consent and knowledge

                     iii.      Affirms that the above criteria (8 a – g) are met

5.       Solomon Colors retains the following rights

           a.       To use and distribute all submitted materials in any way

           b.       To use and distribute materials without crediting submitter, property owner, or other involved parties

           c.       To refuse submissions based on criteria including, but not limited to

                     i.      Poor or insufficient image quality

                     ii.      Perceived quality or craftsmanship of featured work

                     iii.      Suspicion of fraudulent or misleading information

                     iv.      Suspicion of stolen photos or photos submitted without proper consent(s) granted  

           d.       To request more photos of a project or job site featured in a submission

                     i.      Including photos taken by the submitter or agent of submitter

                     ii.      Including photos taken by an employee of Solomon Colors

                     iii.      Including photos taken by a third party contracted by Solomon Colors or submitter

            e.      To select contest winners based on criteria outlined in Contest Rules and Processes

            f.       To resubmit submissions in future Contests conducted by Solomon Colors without express consent or notice from submitter